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Confused with Len Den Khata management?
Jeb Khata will make all your collection easier and simpler.

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Why choose JEB Khata for business management?

In this busy life schedule, anyone can easily forget the unpaid money that has to be taken or returned. In addition, the conversion must be completed within a certain period of time, such as collecting payments, clearing payments, calculating interest rate and many more advance feature. JEB Khata is here to help you deal with social dilemmas and improve your Bahi khata management.

Digital JEB Khata works same as your Bahi Khata does. The positive face of using JEB Khata are:-

Easy to carry

Accurate in managing transactions

Calculating interest rate

Easy to track receivables and payables details


Our Features are Advancing beyond your expectations. Catch us now.

Super efficient in your business management.

Before managing your business, you must have money management knowledge. Timely flow of funds will help you build a healthy relationship with your customers. However, if you fail to meet your payment commitments, you may disrupt relationships and terminate your business.

JEB Khata’s update is incredible and easy to use. This is just enough to meet your 5-star requirements for money receivables and payables management.

JEB Khata tracks all your business and personal expenses. Arrive on time and remind customers to pay by:-

  • WhatsApp messages
  • SMS
  • Call
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Personal / commercial use

This option can separate your desired Khata type. If it is for a friend, family member or someone you know, use “Personal” option. This will help you to separate your personal and professional details. If you need to write down your business receivables and payables expenses, payment time or remaining payment. You can choose “business” usage.

Security Options

You can only use your phone to access your account. If the new device attempts to log in, it sends OTP at that number.

All the data in front of you

When you sign in to your account, all data near you will be available. This data will help you analyze who, when, and how much to trade.

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Powerful features

  • Faster Loadtimes
  • Lower Memory usage
  • Auto Updates
  • Enhanced Security
  • New Friendly UI
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More Features

Give your business digital advancement with us

Import contacts

The Import Easy Contact option makes it easy to identify with automatic messaging and call service options. With the JEB Khata app, you can manage all your pending and expected payment data.

Custom data generator

JEB Khata helps you create custom data generator options. This option is useful for tracking transaction details for selective people. You can also arrange customer names alphabetically, maximum number, minimum number, and latest options by letters A-Z.

Strong support

If something goes wrong with your login options, you can contact us 24 * 7 hours. We are here to help.

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High-level structured data.

The JEB Khata app gives you the option to track all transaction details for date, time and quantity. You can put all the details of a transaction in one place.

Powerful reminder options

It is an awkward situation for owners and customers to talk about pending payment options. JEB Khata plays a role here. You can choose to send a reminder message to your customers via a WhatsApp message or a text message, and if it still doesn’t work, you can call directly and tell them the remaining payment.

To do task

TO do task manages all your work list and important task according to the priority you have selected. Notification is sent on your phone so that you don’t miss life changing work.

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Work smart, not harder

In the 21st century, people with smart work skills can grow themselves and their businesses. If you are willing to use replicas and dairy products to record expenses, then you want to preserve the working culture of the 90s; if you change your business with JEB Khata, this will save your family and friends valuable time. It will save you the trouble of calculating total sales, pending and settled entire payment status. You can enjoy the time saved with your family. You can also enjoy the personal and professional time.

Announcements & Latest Update

Split function

Split function is the advance & latest key feature of Jebkhata app. It has automatic & instant calculation factor which can easily be delivered to your group members. Admin of your group can add as many members in your group, he/she can even close the group one the motive of using this feature is over.


In our day to day life on holidays, parties, buying gifts or get together, any one person pays for a group of people. Calculating total expenditure and dividing among all the people are quite headache even using the calculator. Telling each and every member about their contribution of payment is itself an awkward situation.

Jebkhata app comes in as your helping hand.

You can create a group just by adding their number. Everyone can add their expenses in the group. Once the trip or occasion is over an automatic calculation will be done. This feature of Jebkhata will also inform you who owes whom, and how much.

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